How Long Does Shipping Take?




  • Lauralee Agawa

    How long does it take to get your tracking number from you's ???

  • Charmed Aroma

    It varies - but you should receive tracking numbers up to 5 business days from the day you purchased it

  • Alexandra Barnaby

    I ordered on the 17th and have yet to receive any email with tracking number.. i have a few friends who placed their order after me (because i was talking about how great the product was) and now they all got theirs and mine is not in sight

  • Charmed Aroma

    Hi Alexandra,

    Your shipment will be on its way. Please understand that we are in pre-order, but we will be trying to get everyone's candle orders out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

  • Angie Toomer

    Yay! I finally recieved my tracking number, should be here by Thursday!

  • Tanya Chisholm

    Received my tracking number for my order placed 7/20! The original email advised me of a 2-3 week delay , plus the 5-7 days for usual expectations means my orders right on time !


  • Sweetlipsstina

    Just got my email both of my orders are on there way YEAH .Both my orders were made on july 20th if that helps anybody. Sooooooo excited , thank you so much charmed aroma

  • Samantha Burridge

    Jessica, I ordered Candles the same day, and I just received my tracking number this morning so I would guess you will get yours shortly :)

  • Ashley Rackley

    I order a candle on the 29th and just got the email saying it was shipped with my tracking number of this helps anyone :)

  • Julie Doucette

    I just received email conformation that my candles have been sent via Canada Post if that helps anyone who is still waiting.

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